Overview of Affiliate Marketing

If you have been searching the web looking for ways to earn money online, you may have come across the words “affiliate link” or “affiliate marketing” a few times. You may be wondering, “What are affiliate links?”, “What is affiliate marketing? “, Why is affiliate marketing so popular?”.

Monetizing Your Content For Newbies

How To Make Money From Your Blog, Youtube, or Social Media Accounts Once you get into content creating, it can be frustrating figuring out how to get monetized. Many affiliate programs out there require a high amount of traffic or subscribers to get monetized. If you have received a few denials in the past, don’t…

4 Easy Ways To Boost Traffic For Free

If you’ve done a little research on digital marketing or have searched for ways to improve your traffic, you’ve probably come across this term a few times. What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) has to do with boosting your traffic organically through search engine results. This is why choosing a niche is important. If someone is searching for a specific topic and you are posting content that is relevant to that topic, it increases your chances of being found naturally through Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Tips For Starting Your Online Business

So you want to become an entrepreneur? You’ve finally made the decision that you want to work for yourself and put your 9-5 life behind you. Everyone typically has a desire to quit their day jobs and be their own boss but most people don’t actually create a business plan. This is essential for taking the first step toward creating a successful business!