#Inspirational: This Guy Got Fired From His Job & Now Makes 7-Figures While Traveling The World!

John Crestani Entrepreneur

Here’s a little bit of motivation for every entrepreneur on their journey to success. It can be tough in the beginning. Everyone goes through a rough patch of starting up a new company, going through a “dry spell” with no sales or no traffic, and wanting to give up. Don’t!

To keep myself motivated, I like to read articles about other successful entrepreneurs and how achieved the success they have today. I came across an article on Forbes about how this 28-year-old man lost his job and went on to build a business earning $500,000 per month!

Who is this 28-year-old success story? John Crestani. He went from being poor and bumming around Thailand to earning a 6-figure passive income. It wasn’t an easy journey for Crestani. It took years before he was able to succeed with his business. Prior business ventures, such as selling products on eBay brought in a few thousand dollars a month but it was fairly short-lived. His Paypal account got shut down and that business was history.

Crestani encountered failure after failure and he never gave up. His turning point was when he got a job in advertising. He worked for a pay-per-click advertising company and unfortunately, like most who work in a cooperate office, he became another undervalued employee (even as a star performer). He eventually got fired from this job. Instead of letting the ordeal crush his dreams, Crestani was able to utilize the skills he had from his marketing job to go into business for himself and start his own multi-million dollar affiliate network!

He experienced 4-years of failure before achieving his success! The purpose of me sharing his story with you is to remind you that you should never give up. No matter how hard it gets, you have to keep trying. You have to keep experimenting until you find that next big thing that will take you to the next level.

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