Overview of Affiliate Marketing

Can you earn money from affiliate marketing? Definitely!

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

If you have been searching the web looking for ways to earn money online, you may have come across the words “affiliate link” or “affiliate marketing” a few times. You may be wondering, “What are affiliate links?”, “What is affiliate marketing? “, Why is affiliate marketing so popular?”.
Affiliate marketing is a method of earning a commission by promoting products or services for other people or other companies. It’s an overall relationship between three parties: the publisher, the advertiser, and the consumer!
The advertiser is basically the company or person selling the product or providing a service. To make money, they need a way to get their products or services front line and center by promoting their brand. The number one way to do that is through advertising. Many people or companies advertise through social media, paid ads, commercials, and word-of-mouth to spread brand awareness. Many companies may utilize refer-a-friend programs and affiliates to promote their products to help them spread brand awareness and make sells. Another name for an “affiliate” is a publisher.
The publisher is an individual or another company that promotes the advertiser’s product or service in exchange for a commission. A commission is a sum of money earned from making a sale. The publisher’s job is to attract the consumer and influence them to make a purchase. There are numerous ways to do this – the most utilized methods are email marketing, content/niche (ex. youtube, blogging, or websites), and paid ads. The publisher helps to get the word out to the consumer.
The consumer is the person who sees the ad, receives the email, or views the content created by the publisher and takes action. The consumer makes the purchase, the advertiser earns a profit, and the publisher gets a cut of the sale.
The cycle repeats. Everyone is happy!

How do you become an Affiliate Marketer?

Anyone can become an affiliate marketer. All you need is time, a smartphone/computer, and a few creative brain cells to get started. Many companies may use paid ads to make sells but who wants to spend a ton of money to make money? Not me or most affiliate marketers for that matter. Many affiliate marketers choose to utilize blogs, build websites, or even create Youtube videos – content creating.
To gain an audience, you need something for an audience to view. You need CONTENT, and that content needs to appeal to a specific audience. Think about TV for example. There are cooking channels, sports channels, cartoons, lifestyle channels, and even science channels. If there was one channel for everything, I don’t think many people would watch it. You would have to sit for hours until something you like pops up on the screen. This is why TV has different channels, radios have different stations, and newspapers have different sections. Everybody has their own personal preference. This is why it’s important to target specific groups! You want to ensure that every view or visit to your blog is one of interest. Do you want to be a small fish in a big pond or a big fish in a small pond?
When it comes to targeting an audience, a niche comes in handy. Picking a niche will help you focus your attention on one topic, drive your content in one direction, and help gather a specific audience. Choosing a niche can be simple. Don’t pick something because you think it’s the “next best thing”! Choose to create content about something you’re passionate about such as a hobby or interest. Don’t worry about feeling if it’s overdone. There are a lot of beauty gurus, mom-treprenuers, gamers, or marketing gurus out there. However, the difference is YOU. Wendy’s, McDonald’s, and Burger King all sell burgers and fries but, each franchise is different. Competition is the way of business. Don’t get freaked out by thinking your niche needs to be extremely rare and unique. Just make sure it relates to the product or service you want to promote. For example, if you start a baby blog, don’t promote makeup brushes and the hottest makeup palette! You should be promoting diapers, wipes, baby snacks, or must have nursery items! Your audience will not care about how matte a foundation is when they just want to find ways to get their baby to take a nap.
Once you’ve chosen a niche and have started to create content, it’s time to monetize it. Creating content takes time and hey, time is money.

How to make money from Affiliate Marketing?

How do you get the money from the products or services you promote? Affiliate links. An affiliate link is a URL that takes the consumer to whatever it is you’re promoting and tracks the sale. This link is unique to the publisher and lets the advertiser know that the buyer came directly from that specific publisher. A commision is earned from each sale.
Where do you get the links? You get affiliate links by joining affiliate programs. Many companies will have a link to their affiliate program in the footer of their website. You can sign up directly from their website or join an affiliate network. The best affiliate networks to start out with are:

Google Adsense

Another way to monetize your content is by featuring ads. Google Adsense allows you to place ads on your website, blog, or Youtube channel. Advertisers bid for the ad space and you earn a profit. In order to sign up for Google Adsense, you need to have a decent amount of content or subscribers before you’re approved. However, it is a great way to monetize your content once you build up your audience.
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