My 5 Favorite FREE Apps For Managing Social Media

5 Helpful Apps That Will Help Improve Social Media Engagement

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Canva is essentially a graphic design app that allows you to design amazing pictures, business cards, logos, banners, flyers, and so much more. There’s a wide variety of templates to choose from! It’s drag-and-drop feature is extremely user friendly. There’s a library of free and paid images that you can add to your edits to make them stand out and look professional. Canva is perfect for creating post on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. It can even be used to make ads or Youtube thumbnails! Canva is extremely versatile and is definitely a must have app for social media and it can be used online or via mobile app.




Crowdfire allows you to manage all of your social media accounts, websites, blogs, or e-commerce accounts all in one space. You can schedule your post, find relevant articles or images to post, and keep your feed active with consistent content. Crowdfire has an analytics feature that will help you keep track of your account activity and will give you daily task to help you improve the overall engagement on your social media accounts.. It is accessible online and via mobile app.


Bitly is a free app that allows you to shorten those extremely long links and it gives you analytics for each link you shorten. Shorter links make your post look cleaner, more organized, and less cluttered. Bitly is important for Twitter users because you don’t want your post to be 90% URL with no room to type your post. You can download Bitly on your phone or access it online as well. Crowdfire has a similar feature that shortens links but Bitly allows you to customize your own if you upgrade to the Enterprise version.



Preview allows you to plan out your Instagram feed before your post. The drag and drop feature is user-friendly and best of all, this app is FREE to use. It’s perfect for creating your own themes by providing multiple filter options, borders, and additional editing tools which will help your Instagram feed stand out from the rest! Preview allows you to plan out your captions and search for relevant hashtags prior to posting. There’s a library of free images to use (powered by Unsplash) and a repost tool that allows you to share your favorite content from other Instagram feeds. The best part about this app is the analytics feature – you can see which hashtags are doing well, your engagement growth, and it even helps you find out the best time to post or schedule your post.



Hashtags have become an important part of social media due to Instagram in particular. The same way we use keywords to get our websites/youtube vids/blogs found on the web – hashtags generally do the same thing. They categorize our post on Instagram and allow those post to get found by users who are interested in that specific category. Leetags helps you find popular hashtags to post and scores the hashtag based on relevance to help you improve the chance of being found on Instagram. The Leetags app is available for free via App Store or Play Store!
There are plenty of free apps out there that will help you boost your online engagement and improve your content! Be sure to post consistently to keep your audience engaged and updated with new content. Try interacting with other accounts by leaving comments and sharing posts on your page as well. It doesn’t hurt to follow your competitors either! By checking out their most popular post, you’ll gain more insight into the type of content you should be posting.

Additional Apps:

I was going to leave this post at 5 apps, however, I thought about a few more apps that I use on a daily basis that should be on here.
Repost, save, and download photos or videos from Instagram to share directly on your feed. When sharing other people’s content, be sure to give credit! Don’t steal post – your account can be shut down from copyright claims. This app is only available on Android, however, there are plenty of other repost apps available for iOS.
An app created by Facebook that makes it easy to manage your Facebook pages on the go. You can post, manage multiple pages, and manage ads on one app. This app is available on iOS and Android.
A photo editing app that helps you make your images look flawless and professional. You can make minor fixes on lighting, remove blemishes, add filters, and much more. This app is available on iOS and Android.
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