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Apps That Save You Money

Tired of clipping coupons and having to clean up dozens of newspaper and magazine scraps? Can’t keep track of all of your loyalty cards? Stop wasting your time shredding paper and download these top shopping apps. These apps will turn your shopping trip from a boring chore to saving more. Save time, save money, clip coupons, and earn cash back!


Flipp is by far the best grocery shopping app available! It’s essential for saving money! With Flipp, you can browse weekly ads, digitally clip coupons, and build your shopping list all in one app. Flipp makes it easy to add all of your loyalty cards by allowing you to scan them directly into the app or type them in manually. The best part about Flipp is when you create your grocery list, it will automatically take you to coupons for each item you need at the click of a button.

Benefits of Downloading Flipp:

  • No need to clip coupons
  • No need to carry around loyalty cards
  • No more scraps from cutting coupons
  • Find rebate coupons
  • Easy to create a grocery list
  • Easy to sign up and add loyalty cards
  • Extremely user-friendly – your grandma could use it


Dosh has to be one of the top paying apps out there! It’s super easy to earn money on the side while you sleep, eat, and even go out shopping! I know that it may sound too good to be true but the app is definitely legit. The DOSH app is fully secure and they use bank-level security to protect your data. How does DOSH work? DOSH helps you earn maximum cash back from places where you already spend money. You can earn cash back when you go to the movies, book hotels, buy food, and even buy clothes!
Download DOSH today and get $5 added directly to your wallet from their sign-up bonus!


Ibotta is another app that gives you cash back whenever you shop. There are 3 methods to redeem your cash back. You can submit your receipt (from any participating store), link your store loyalty card, or by making qualifying in-app purchases. Your earnings can be transferred to PayPal, Venmo, or converted to a gift card! If you sign up using Facebook, you earn a Teamwork bonus from your friends that currently use Ibotta and it helps boost your earnings. If your friends don’t have Ibotta, refer them! If you refer 10 friends this month, there’s a $150 in it for you!
Download Ibotta and get an additional $10 using my referral code: iiwovsd That’s $160 worth of earning potential right there! Why waste any more time?!


Ebates is yet ANOTHER cash back app that pays you while you shop. You really can’t go wrong with cash back rewards. These apps are 100x better than the cash back rewards you get from your credit card! You can link the deals right to your card while you shop in store or online. You can even share links with your friends and family or save the offers for later.
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Download Ebates today and get a $10 Bonus when you spend your first $25!


Drop allows you to earn points back from your purchases which can be redeemed for e-gift cards. You earn points from in-app offers and the task bonuses. You earn points when you spend money with Lyft, Sephora, Bath and Body Works, Uber Eats, Domino’s, and many more locations where you would normally spend money. It’s a little different than Ebates, Ibotta, and Dosh where you earn cash when you spend – but it’s still an easy way to earn gift cards which is still free money. Download DROP today and get a 1,000 point bonus using code: u5n1g



Checkout 51 is an epic couponing app that helps you earn cash back while grocery shopping. Every Thursday, the app is updated with new offers. You simply add offers, make the purchases, and upload your receipt! Once your account reaches $20, you’re able to cash out your savings.
Checkout 51 is available on iOS and Android!
Download the app and start saving on your next grocery trip!
I’m a fan of “lazy-apps”! You save money on things that you were already going to buy without having to waste time clipping coupons.
Happy Shopping!
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