4 Easy Ways To Boost Traffic For Free

Gain Organic Traffic Without Paying For It!

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If you’ve done a little research on digital marketing or have searched for ways to improve your traffic, you’ve probably come across this term a few times. What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) has to do with boosting your traffic organically through search engine results. This is why choosing a niche is important. If someone is searching for a specific topic and you are posting content that is relevant to that topic, it increases your chances of being found naturally through Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Make sure your content contains relevant keywords, titles, and phrases to the topic you are posting about. Search engines use crawlers that constantly scan web pages in order to create a data index and the data is then prioritized by importance. Make sure your website/blog contains clear, detailed keyword-rich content so that it will rank higher on search engines once it is indexed – especially Google since it’s the #1 most used search engine on the web.


Social media is by far the best way to boost traffic. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ are great places to get started. Social media has made it a lot easier to connect with individuals all over the world. The more people you connect with, the more traffic you’re going to generate to your site. How to use Social Media to get free traffic:
  • Engaging with other accounts on social media is a great way to gain followers! Make yourself known.
  • Create a fan page on Facebook for your brand and invite your Facebook friends to like it and join other Facebook groups that relate to your niche. Interact with others, share your content, answer questions and stay active. Post consistently on your page – nobody wants to follow a page with nothing to view.
  • Create an Instagram account and get your followers up by posting eye-capturing images that relate to your niche. Follow other accounts, use relevant hashtags, add to your story, post pictures, AND videos, engage with your audience, and post on a consistent basis.
  • Pinterest is perfect for bloggers – create boards and pins that are relevant to your niche and provide links that will take other back to your content. Note: don’t use a URL shortener because Pinterest may peg it as “spam”.
  • Google + is great as well. Create a collection, add posts, and continue to add people to your circle.
Managing multiple social media accounts can be a hassle. Check out my blog, here for a list of tools that are essential for social media marketing.


Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of “Word-of-mouth”. Word-of-mouth is basically passing information around through everyday oral communication. If you have great content that you want to share with the world, start telling your friends, family, and co-workers! They will share the knowledge with whom they know and the cycle continues! Why do you think so many companies have a refer-a-friend program? How many times have you tried a product or a new place because it was recommended by a friend? It’s free, efficient, and it won’t fail. You have to start somewhere! Start with the group of people who already know you, trust you, and support you.


Need help gaining momentum? Join a few online communities and forums.
For example, Reddit is a very well known discussion site with forums about anything from memes to the news. Simply search for a community that relates to your niche for tips, ideas, and you can even create a community of your own. ​Reddit is also a very popular social media platform as well.
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